Why not find the grant first?

Because you can spend a lot of time trying to make something happen just because it is funded, not because it is the best thing for your business or community. Sadly, some people chase a stream of funding and then realise that they are actually being dragged away from their original idea.

We recommend that you do step one on the left before finding a grant that will fit.

Why pay for help?
  • You may not need to - some LEADER areas already pick up the tab if you are in their area
  • Because you may be applying for thousands of pounds - it makes sense to invest and do everything you can to give yourself that extra edge
  • Because the application process can sometimes be tedious and confusing - learning some tips can make it faster and more rewarding

A significant number of application forms are abandoned soon after the applicant looks at them!

Contact us to find out how much effort we can save.

Getting a grant step one - making a grant application

Preparing for a grant application can be easier than you think

Although the details of different grants vary, most ask you for similar amounts of information.
The bad news is they often want all of the details prepared in advance; the good news is that you will need to work out a lot of what is asked for at some point - but you would probably not prepare it all in advance.

We were awarded funding to provide training for LEADER grants, and there are details of the course here.

How to plan a project with grant funding in mind

a to do list

We look at this in five simple steps. If you follow them in order you will not get frustrated trying to make any old grant fit what you actually need, and you are more likely to be successful:

  1. Decide on the long term plans for your business, farm, charity or community group
  2. Gather ideas for projects that would work towards your long term plans
  3. Work out the return on your investment - what will you get (extra profit, more people helped etc.) compared to what it will cost (time and money)
  4. Prepare a plan for the project(s)
  5. Find out if there is suitable grant funding to help you do it. More here ...

The list makes sense because you have to know what you want before you can ask for it. Even just following the steps in our course will improve the strength of your project plan.

Quite often people fall into the trap of seeing what they can get a grant for, then applying for it. It makes no sense at all to buy something just because it is funded, unless it is also exactly what you need to progress. Even just following the steps in our course will clarify what you really need and improve the strength of your project plan.