Why pay for help?
  • You may not need to - some LEADER areas already pick up the tab if you are in their area
  • Because you may be applying for thousands of pounds - it makes sense to invest and do everything you can to give yourself that extra edge
  • Because the application process can sometimes be tedious and confusing - learning some tips can make it faster and more rewarding

A significant number of application forms are abandoned soon after the applicant looks at them!

Help in applying for a grant

Would you like a step-by-step guide that explains how grants work and how to write an application?

If so, there are several ways in which you can get help:

  • Ask the people who are providing the grant. Support ranges from guidance sheets for download to individuals who you can speak to on the telephone or face-to-face
  • Ask your local bank. Although they do not run a grant directory, a good one will know about grants in your area. Click here for tips on finding a good bank.
  • Contact us for out internet-based course or one-to-one advice on the phone or in person

Remember that an application can take a few days to do and can include dozens of pages, but it could be worth thousands of pounds if you are successful. So if you are serious it is worth investing in some advice.

picture of a computer

Online course in writing a grant application

We have developed an internet-based course that takes you through an application step-by-step, explaining what each question is looking for and giving some advice on how to make the best case for your project. The course is available free of charge to some areas dealing with LEADER grant applications, and will be available to anyone else for a single payment of less than £100 plus VAT from early 2012.

The great thing about using the internet is that you can access it any time you want, and there is a forum where you can ask questions and share experiences with everyone else who is on the same journey as you.

Subject Areas that we cover

The online course covers:

  • Explaining your business or organisation
  • How your idea fits into your main activities
  • Assessing what an idea is worth (cost / benefit, returns)
  • Confirming the need (a good idea, but how do you know people really want it?)
  • Demonstrating that your idea fits the grant aims and objectives
  • Making a plan to succeed
  • Taking care of the money - cash flow, return on investment
  • Measuring what you do - because all grants will want proof that what you got money for is giving benefit to people
  • Writing a business plan (optional module)
  • Writing a marketing plan (optional module)
  • Discussion forum and case studies to consider

Contact us if you want to sign up for the course now.

One-to-one supportpicture of a telephone

We can provide support in person on the telephone, by email or face-to-face as advice or group workshops for an agreed fee. As travelling time and cost can be significant, we do as much as possible remotely but will work to your needs. Your budget should depend on what you know now and what the eventual grant is worth to you. For reference, we are based in the North of Hampshire.

Contact us if you would like to discuss this further.