Training and support

Some LEADER areas have partly funded a website to provide extra support to help you apply for a grant. This website provides:

  • an explanation of the grant;
  • help in choosing the right grant measure for your project;
  • worksheets to create a business plan for your project and the longer term;
  • a cash flow template and basic money management advice;
  • guidance on how to go about market research and planning your marketing campaign;
  • step-by-step guidance through the application process;
  • a forum to discuss things with other applicants

We are even planning to get your information from the worksheets and put it in the application form for you, saving everyone hours!

ALthough the original content was developed for LEADER funding, it has since been adapted to help anyone looking for grants in ththe UK.

Our Online Accessibility Policy

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In those instances where the specific accessibility needs of some disabled user groups require us to create new or repurposed editorial content, we will do this, wherever appropriate, so that we become more inclusive to a wider audience online.

Our Privacy Statement

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