Why pay for help to get a grant?
  • You may not need to - some LEADER areas already pick up the tab if you are in their area
  • Because you may be applying for thousands of pounds - it makes sense to invest and do all you can to improve your chances
  • Because the application process can sometimes be tedious and confusing - learning some tips can make it faster and more rewarding

A significant number of application forms are abandoned soon after the applicant looks at them!

Have a look at the kind of help you could have ...

Do you want grant funding for your business or voluntary group?

Getting grant funding can help you make a big change (renovation, updating equipment, a new way of doing something) and become more sustainable in the long run

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If you have a project to help your business diversify or help a community or voluntary group, you might want to get grant funding. Although they can sometimes be difficult to find and time-consuming to apply for, grants do exist and can often give your idea the kick-start that it needs.

We help people learn the skills to make a grant application or write a business plan. Because we also help assess some grant applications, we know what to look for and how to help make the application process as simple as possible. We've also developed a course that you can do online at times and at a pace to suit you - you may even be able to get this course paid for as part of your grant.

People often need help about grants in two ways:

  • Help in finding grant funding
  • There are a few websites that list available grants, but it is a never-ending task to keep them up to date and many charge you to see the list, which is a shame when grants often have their own websites anyway! Although we don't attempt to provide a complete grant directory, we have a few tips that might make finding a grant simpler for you. More here ...

  • Help in applying for grant funding
  • Unfortunately you can't just write a letter asking for money! There is jargon to learn, criteria you need to fit into and business plans, cash flows and application forms to prepare. And whether you are in a business or voluntary / community group, you may have limited experience or time available.

    Sometimes the organisation providing the grant can help a little bit, but the ideal is to have a step-by-step guide to work through. If a grant is worth having, it is worth investing a bit of time and money to get it. Our training and support has been awarded European funding to help people prepare for LEADER funding (sometimes free of charge), and it gives good basic knowledge that you can use for most other grants. Read more ...